The price of the latest Ferrari cars 2018 Updates-New Price and Review Of Ferrari Supercar

Desember 20, 2017
         The latest Ferrari Car prices - A manufacturer of supercar from the Italian State i.e. Ferrari certainly being a luxury car trend in Indonesia. Started in 1947 and headquartered in Maranello, Italy has an awful lot of producing cars with engine performance that is so sophisticated and design a nice and elegant. Need to underline that line automotive PAL Ferrari cars have very high prices is reaching billions of dollars to some type that is on sale, this Supercar really compete with the same same Lamborghini was present from the European continent.

The price of Ferrari cars and specifications
The price of Ferrari cars and specifications - A car that is so typical of all and not many people have it berlambangkan horse jingkrak became a success and proof of identity of this Supercar. Proven in the world's foremost automotive connoisseurs that Ferrari cars is a kind of supercar that was so fantastic. It became a pioneer of technology features, it has the power of the engine power that is so wonderful as well as the design of bodywork so elegant sporty and luxurious.

The success of the high price car car or expensive like the Ferarri is indeed not easily gained. The competition is so fierce like a Lamborghini. Cars Porche car a Bugati, which is already so familiar affair supercar. All the racing car speed in seriousness gave the arena his racing career, the luxurious design and features advanced technology, and the price is so competitive, so strongly considered for the triumph of this luxury car. Indonesia was not to be outdone by the foreign community which is certainly in Indonesia already some successful people buy this Ferrari cars.

Car brand Ferrari was the first sports car manufacturer and a row of these products managed to reap sales in automotive Exchange. Stealing the hearts of the automotive mania to have one of the hosts of this Ferrari car series. Sola kitchens runway Ferrari cars PAL no longer need because this European car brand also competed in Formula 1, which has already managed to win the world championship race.

In Indonesia itself certainly has its own community of Ferarri and normally follow the event in the city's automotive event of the big city. This proves that there is the existence or the existence of this European supercar cars in the country of our fatherland. Perhaps going on later PAL love a chance to have a car this Ferrari Supercar. The more curious how expensive car Ferrari Supercar kah when paid in rupiah in Indonesia and series such as whether a car?
Let's take a look and notice together with a related benderol prices and pictures of ferrari cars that our successful auto summary below is from pages.

Price List Of Ferrari Cars In Indonesia
The price of Ferrari cars
The price of most new Ferrari cars

1. The price of cars Ferrari Berlinetta nature F12

The Price Of Cars Ferrari Berlinetta Nature F12
The price of cars Ferrari F12 New Berlinetta nature of Rp 10.8 billion
The price of cars Ferrari Berlinetta nature of the former Rp-F12
See specs? The Price Of Ferrari Cars

The price Of a Ferrari Berlinetta nature F12-Ferrari cars of this type has a design that is so elegant with a face that was so aerodynamic. We can see together that F12 Berlinetta nature has both exterior and interior design that is so charming and bring diverse technologies that are so cutting-edge.
Reserved machine released by Ferrar F12 Berlinetta nature of this engine wear 6262 cc capacity that will provide energy supplies reach 740 Ps at 8500 rpm with of torque generated i.e. 690 nm at 6000 rpm. See the figure surely we PAL automotive how voice listen so gahar and speed power engine performance already so okay and fantastic.

2. The price of the car Ferrari 458 Italy

The price of the car Ferrari 458 Italy
The price of the car Ferrari 458 Italy
The price of the car Ferrari 458 Italy New Spider Rp 10 billion
The price of the car Ferrari 458 Italy Coupe New Usd 9.8 billion
See specs? The Price Of Ferrari Cars

Ferrari 458 Italy IE car supercar that first introduce in th. 2009 by ferrari. This is a supercar replacement car of the F430 was labelled an a mid-engined supercar. Who has the aerodynamic body design and shape of the front bumper that could switch to gain more downforce to be more stable when at high speed. As well as in the kompliti State-of-the-art super technologies such as E-diff to protect the stability of the time car turns at high speeds. As well as wearing the machine 4. 499 CC V8. 80% produces 570 PS (562 419 kW; cell phones) at 9. 000 rpm (redline) as well as 540 N · m (£398 · ft) at 6. 000 rpm torsinya rpm it is on 3. 250

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